Monday, April 25, 2011

Since our visit to North Carolina....

I started my new job. And the past few weekends we have filled the calendar with lots of "fun things."

"fun thing" - we checked out some Habitat for Humanity playhouses that were on display at Decatur Square (I designed one that was loosely constructed as drawn for my old office - who sponsored a build with our state energy office.) In taking the term "playhouse" literally, the idea is that the doors (painted with chalkboard paint) could swing open & extend the stage as well as serve as the set for the play. As built - because of the modifications that the team building it made - it's not really what I had in my head, but that's ok... it was for a good cause... and it's prompted us to start thinking about a design for one for our back yard. Mercer picked his favorite that he kept going back to - the bubble house. (If interested in checking out the others, they can be seen here:

After leaving Decatur Square, we headed to a playground at a small airport. Mercer has been fascinated by airplanes lately, so he really enjoyed this spot!

"fun thing" - We were paid a visit from our friends Susan, Chad, and their 4 kids. We all had breakfast in the back yard then the kids ran around & played ball, played on the hammock, played in the pond (well, not literally IN the pond), and concluded with a round of stomp rocket in the front yard. We hardly get to see them, but love every visit we get to have with them! Their very active family was no match for Mercer. He hung right in there with the bigger kids!

"fun thing" - We went to a baseball game - Braves vs Mets, of course. Mercer did a much better job of running the bases in the kids zone. Mercer & I went to a couple of different areas for kids while Todd tried to send good vibes to his team from the stands. Mercer & I ran back up to our nosebleed seats just in the nick-of-time to catch the 7th inning stretch where we all sang "Take Me Out to the Ballgame." This is a song that Mercer has learned recently and wants to sing just about every day... if not several times throughout the day. It's really cute. (ps - he learned about cracker jacks - and loves them - no doubt!)

"fun thing" - The weather has been fabulous lately, so we've been taking advantage of eating breakfast and dinner out on the back deck. From there, we watch clouds and airplanes overhead, birds taking baths in the stream, and watch the progress of our mulberry tree ripening / birds starting to peck at the fruit. Breakfast (on the weekends) or dinner is usually followed by playing chase in the back yard, jumping off the deck or rock wall, playing ball, playing on the hammock, playing in the pond (well, not literally IN the pond), etc.

"fun thing" - Mercer got to participate in several Easter egg hunts in the course of a week. One was held at the home of our church's young pastor / his wife... one at his daycare... and six more (yes six more) in our neighborhood at a progressive (traveling) egg hunt. The group stopped for a photo-op in our back yard. The adorable baby wearing the fluffy bunny ears stole the show while the older kids played and joked around with each other. Overall, Mercer got way too much candy - which we're doling out as treats for his potty training to slow down his consumption / hopefully encourage his progress.

"fun thing" - We walked up to church yesterday for the Easter service and on our way home, stopped by & saw friends that we haven't seen in awhile. Later that day, we hosted other friends at our house for an nontraditional Easter dinner. Dinner was followed by more playing in the back yard: kids running around & playing ball, playing on the hammock, paying in the pond (well, not literally IN the pond)... etc etc. : - )

Good times with friends. Good times with our wonderful little family unit.

Have a great week ahead!

Friday, April 8, 2011

between jobs

I'm officially unemployed.
(I've been off from my last job for a week. I start the new job on Monday.)

In the mean time, Mercer and I took a trip to North Carolina to visit family. We actually had the chance to visit folks that we did not get to see while up at Christmas: Aunt Becky, Uncle Tony, Uncle David, and Aunt Francis. We visited the zoo where my mom works... it's been at least a year since we have been. Mercer's favorite thing still seems to be the playground there. He said he also liked riding the carousel. This carousel ride was much better than the one we took about 1 1/2 years ago at Central Park in New York City. He's the right age for it now.

We also visited my mom and my grandparents - Mercer's great-grandparents.

My grandpa Nunn was celebrating a birthday... aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces & nephews all gathered to celebrate with him. In his 86 years of life, this may be his first birthday party with silly-string. (Mercer was scared of it for quite awhile, but the other nieces & nephews had a good time spraying grandpa with it!)

We also got a chance to see some friends on our way home that we didn't get to see last time. My girlfriend Cindy has two boys - ages 5 & 3 - and they have some really great toys that Mercer enjoys pulling out & playing with. It helps to break up the drive home. I assume he had a good time - as he was talking about Daniel & Trevor all the way home.

On this road trip, he sang a lot of songs. He likes Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and the ABC song. "A-B-C-D-E-eh-G... H-I-J-K-el-la-lamo-P... cue-R-S... T-U-V... W-X-Y and Z... now I know my A-B-C's...D-E-eh-G... H-I-J-K-el-la-lamo-P... cue-R-S...T-U-V...W-X-Y and I know my A-B-C's...D-E-eh-G...." etc.

He gets caught up on the "now I know my A-B-C's part & starts back over!" It's adorable.

Another thing that makes us smile: when he sees a truck or a car with a picture on the side, he lets out a big laugh and says "That's Funny!~"
When we got home, Mercer got to check out his new "big boy" bed. Awhile back, we converted his crib to a toddler bed (by taking off the side rail & installing a roll-guard). But - Mercer is so tall that he has pretty much outgrown his toddler bed.. it was imminent that we move him to the next phase - a full-sized bed with roll-guards on either side. He LOVES his new bed!

He's going to the potty (sometimes) all by himself... sleeping in a "big-boy" bed... and can dress himself when he puts his mind to it. He's definitely growing out of his baby / toddler stage. (so sad)