Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Baseball, Halloween, Politics and a Rememberance

Mercer finished up his first season in the Minors level at his Little League. This level no longer utilizes a pitching machine or coach-pitch... they have kids pitch.  The game is quite a bit different -- there is a lot of base stealing in the game and the strategy has changed quite a bit because of it.  Mercer did well playing 1st base and with his hitting, but, he was also a go-to pitcher in many of the games!!  Here are some photos from his pitching debut as well as some cool sliding shots and other action shots.  

Also, one of the moms of the players was taking photos throughout the season.  Here are some of moments that she captured.  Todd was a co-coach again this season and although we have ups / downs sometimes during baseball regarding Mercer wanting to continue to play.... he seems that he is up for it and enjoying the game.  (whew!)

Halloween has come and gone.  

Halloween fell on a Monday, so, it wasn't quite as long / things were cut short a bit. After the neighborhood Halloween party, we did trick-or-treat, however, people went home pretty quickly when the treat-seeking was done.  Mercer actually decided not to go all the way to the end of our street with his friends, rather, once he made it to our house - he decided to hand out candy with me.  Isabella went all the way to the end with Todd and some pre-teen girls (of course!)  

Mercer's costume is HILARIOUS !!!  He originally wanted to do something with Pokemon, however, when he saw this costume -- he quickly changed his mind!  Isabella loved it as well and saw an infant hot dog costume that she kept trying to cram into.  She settled for a "My Little Pony" costume which was cute.  (And popular -- we ran into a couple of other "Rainbow Dash" ponies.) The kids got to wear their costumes a lot this year.  Isabella got to wear hers at school and to ballet.  Mercer got to wear his again on a church field trip to a nursing home.  I am sure that he made those residents smile!  He sure made us smile with this goofy costume~

Isabella and I have been sick lately with bronchitis.  (Here's a picture of her taking her breathing treatments.  sniff sniff~)  AND Todd sprained his ankle this past week.  He was out of town for work, then I went out of town to be with family in Florida.  It's been a crazy week.  

I went out of town to be with my step-mother, Charlie, dad, and step-sisters / step-brother as we remembered my other step-brother, Brad.  He died at the early age of 46 because of liver failure (and ultimately other system failure).  There was a big family gathering in Florida to remember him and be with other family members.  I honestly did not know very many people there, but am glad that I went to be with them all.  

Here are photos of my step-brother Freddie and his father, Fred.... my dad... step-sister Michelle and me... Michelle's daughter, Katie, with her grandmother / my step-mom Charlie. Since I didn't know too many people, I took tons of photos of all of the guests to give to them.  These are the family members who I'm the closest with, however.

Here are some photos we took this fall of the kids at a nearby school with Hip Hop + a giant pumpkin.  We looked up "dog friendly" corn mazes - however - there was only 1 in the metro area and it was really really expensive / far away, so we opted not to take him.  Below are some photos from the place where we went to buy pumpkins and go through a corn maze (sans the dog).  It's probably a good thing that he was not with us... there was an incident with Mercer.  He got stung in the mouth by a yellow jacket that flew into the hot apple cider he was drinking.  We ended up spending time tracking down a drug store for benedryl and children's pain medicine.  His lip did swell, but that was it thankfully.  We kept checking in on him regarding that and the pharmacist was pretty adamant about making sure his lip was the only thing swelling / making sure his breathing was not impaired.  This was Mercer's first sting as far as we know and he did have a reaction.  It is something we'll have to continue to watch in the future!!  ~Poor guy~

Yesterday, the presidential election took place.  It was brutal.  Neither candidate was perfect.  Each had their issues.  One candidate spewed hateful words and disgraced a number of different populations based on race, religion, gender and "looks."  This candidate won.  This is who almost 50% of the population want to represent our country --  someone who does not value every person as an equal.  Someone who does not want inclusion, rather wants to divide.  This is frightening.  I am absolutely afraid for our little family unit that is not white.  I am afraid for my daughter.  I must remind her to "
never doubt that you are valuable and powerful and deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world to pursue and achieve your own dreams."  

There is an odd feeling in the air today.  There are people who are gloating while others are grieving.    America has voted.  Sexism, racism and discrimination are accepted in our country.  Everything that I teach my children that is unacceptable has been rewarded.  This is hard for me to swallow.  

I will continue to have FAITH that kindness, acceptance and compassion will overcome fear, hate and oppression.  

Be the best YOU that you can be.  Serve your community.  Love others.... ALL others.