Sunday, September 14, 2014

The start of school has been a whirlwind!

Maybe not so much with Mercer's school, but with mine!

I have a lot of work to do for EACH and EVERY lesson that I teach.  It's kind of knocked me on my....  well, you know~    I have to admit, I am learning a lot, though.  A lot about 8th graders.  Even a bit about high schoolers as I have one class of 9th - 12th graders.  Learning a lot about chemistry right now too!  :) 

We've done a few things -- a little something each weekend.  

Hiking and letterboxing.  Baby girl does not look like a baby here.  (sniff sniff.  seriously... sniff!)  She did have fun launching rocks into the water.  Mercer is practicing skipping his.

Backyard camping with friends Aaron and Alex (and their parents, of course).  Isabella and I slept inside, though, admittedly!  

Celebrating Mercer's adoption day (6 years).  Mini-golf and milkshakes.  (Plus a new toy - beyblades... which have been out forever, but he's never had.  He was most excited by that!)

Little League Baseball.  (Mercer is on the Sharks.  He moved up a league....Todd is coaching this season too.)  There are new things such as "coach pitch" and there are now kids playing catcher.  

Isabella is a firecracker.  She LOVES on everyone.  Gives out so many hugs.  Blows kisses to everyone.  Hugs older women in grocery stores... and people at her daycare... and neighbors.  And - what a phenomenal hugger she is.  (Best. hugs. ever.) Still squeals when she sees animals.  Doggie doggie doggie!  We were at the ball park today.  She runs around like crazy.  Almost everyone she passes stops and comments on how friendly she is.  What a beautiful baby she is.  How much energy she has (yes - usually as one of us is chasing her down).  What a joy.

Come to think of it - Mercer was much like that too (minus the overwhelming excitement and squealing over animals).  LOVE that both of them (as toddlers) bring about a great deal of happiness to us... and others.

Isabella has the sweetest little voice.  Talks a lot (still a lot of which is not understandable), but the cute little words that she does speak are just precious.   She will repeat (or at least try to repeat) almost anything that you say after "Isabella, say ...." and she will.  She's a little parrot.  Also - if you ask her what does a doggie say "ruff ruff" then she pants with her tongue out.  "what does a kitty say" meow?  and she giggles.  she will laugh out loud at you moo-ing like a cow.

Good stuff.... the stuff I never want to forget!