Saturday, November 22, 2014

Isabella turned 2 last week!

Her "official" stats from her 2 year doctor's appointment (she's such a little nugget compared to her big brother!!)

Her height is 33 1/2" (41%)
Her weight is 23 lbs, 14.4 oz (15%)
 -- note -- she did expel a lot of food the morning of her doctor's appointment.... getting something bad out of her system.  She's probably really at 24 lbs, but we'll log in the one the doc took.
Her head circumference is 19" (72%)

and.... on to the fun stuff:

She is feisty and fun.

She has the sweetest little voice when she says "Hi mommy."  (The hi is upturned and upbeat  the mommy is low and serious.  Don't know why she says it like that, but it makes me smile every time.)

She is bossy. "Come.  Sit."  (she wants you to sit on the floor so she can back up and sit in your lap)

She is loving. She will randomly come and plant a kiss your cheek or head.  Often, she will reach up with her little outstretched arms for a hug too.  

She wants to be helpful (Mercer used to as well) and she is independent - wanting to do stuff on her own.  "I help.  I do it"

She gets excited when she sees you after a period of time where she has not.  Todd walks in the door, "Daddy!" running and hugging him.

She is active and we are tired, but we are so grateful to have her in out lives!

Rose Marie came into town last week to hang out with us and the kids and to help ring in Isabella's 2nd year.

We took muffins and fruit to daycare on her birthday.  Isabella got to try blowing out candles.  She gets the idea of blowing, however, it was hard to direct (and project) it all the way to the candle.  When the candle(s) did eventually go out - either with my help or occasionally on her own.... Isabella would immediately say "more."  Relight the candles.  Blow them out.  "more."  Relight.  Blow them out.  "more."

That night, we celebrated at home with some fancy cupcakes.     This series captures the essence of her trying to blow out the candles... can you see the reason why she wasn't blowing them out too hard??  She was trying to do it through a smile!  :)

Mercer wanted to get Isabella a dog.  She loved it - but doesn't have the hang of walking it yet.  She was mostly dragging it.  We got her a doll that she can feed and it goes potty.  Isabella likes the doll.  Mercer likes changing it's diaper.  Rose Marie got her a bouncy horse.  We'll find a picture to add for that one.  It's cute!

The celebration continued into the weekend.   We made appetizers and dinner and had some friends over.  The theme:  hungry caterpillar (and butterflies).  Isabella went through her candle-blowing "more" thing, but really enjoyed diving into the cupcake!   (There are a couple of pics that are pretty funny aside from all of the icing on the hands and face shots - like the little girl Lorili who is super excited when Isabella is trying to blow out the candle and the one with Mercer's friend, Owen, cheering Isabella on with the barking dog birthday song card that Uncle Jim & Aunt Becki sent down! Glad it made it into the photo reel~)

Two.  What a whirlwind it's been.  How wonderful to have spent the last two years chasing this fantastic little girl around!  The last series of photos is Isabella holding the doll that Mercer gave her when he first met her.  Exploring the face:  eyes.  mouth.  (love!)

Technically, she is no longer a baby - she informed me a couple of weeks ago "I not baby."   ~oh - a dagger through the heart~


Sunday, November 9, 2014

Another baseball season is over. Halloween. Neighborhood art festival.

Todd coached Mercer's baseball team again this year -- this season, they were called the Sharks.  

Mercer moved up to a new league.... it was QUITE an adjustment.  The teams and parents seem to be more competitive.  The rules changed a bit and the kids are hitting differently - some off of a fast pitching machine / some with "coach pitch."  The amount of time committed during the week increased with 1-2 practices per week or 1-2 games per week.  (Basically, there were 3 days a week committed to games and practices.... Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.)  Everything is stepping up... including the snacks - 3 or 4 items included in the parent-provided snacks sometimes!  

The boys were ALWAYS concerned about the snacks after the game -- sometimes more so than how they were playing!  They won a few games overall and tied one as well.  Mercer kept wanting to change to the other teams that were winning earlier in the season... but by the end of the season, the Sharks started to get the hang of it and was happy to be a part of that team.  One thing that Todd did that was fun for all:  he held a parents-vs-kids wiffle ball game!  I thought that was pretty creative and something both parents and kids would remember for a long time!  (kudos~)

Isabella would NEVER sit through a game.  Luckily at the field where Mercer played, there was a little playground next to it!  Baby girl is active!  She is tough.  She falls down and gets right back up.  On the flip side, she has some hypochondriac tendencies.   (Todd reminded me that Mercer went through this phase too.)  If something lightly brushes her hand, she starts to whimper and complain that it hurts until you will kiss the "boo boo" or pat her on the head and tell her she will be OK.   

The kids enjoyed Halloween over the course of a couple of weeks.  Mid-October, we went to Chattahoochee Nature Center's Halloween Hike.  The hike consisted of stops along one of the trails that featured talks about different animals on the way.  (there were people dressed up in animal costumes that talked about features of that animal). 

No flash photography was allowed so the only photo that somewhat came out / that's posted from the hike was before all of the sunlight had disappeared.  Isabella - in her usual fashion - would demand a response from those dressed up in animal costume. "Hi" -- accompanied by a wave.  An even louder "Hi" would follow if no response.  Then a yell "HI" until the person in the animal costume would say hi back.  It made those in our group laugh!  


There was a bonfire, a drummer and acoustic instruments that could be played, and children's activities.  Isabella pretty much colored while Mercer tried out everything else.  It was a pretty fun event.

We went to a few parties this year and got some good mileage out of the costumes.  At one of the parties, Isabella discovered candy corn.... and she liked it.  (I think she has had a piece of candy once before - her daycare teacher begged to give her something once.)   

Isabella is able to reach most table tops and even things that may be on the edge of a kitchen counter.  Someone had a bowl of candy corn on a table.  Quick little hands went into that bowl... a fist-ful of candy corn was grabbed... and transferred to a little mouth all in about 1 second flat.  I moved the bowl to higher ground.  She kept returning to the same spot looking for it.  Holding up her arms in a "where did it go?" fashion!  

On Halloween night, we went to a neighborhood party and then we split up.  Todd and Mercer did the serious trick-or-treating up and down the street.  

Isabella is still too young, but I did the thing where planting healthy-ish "treats" at a few people's houses on our way home from the party so she could participate / they could see her in her cute little outfit.  Mercer picked out the theme this year:  Isabella to be Minnie Mouse and he would be Mickey Mouse.  We introduced him to Wizard Mickey (from Fantasia) and he was excited to have a wand, a robe, and a cool hat. 

At the end of this Halloween series:  Isabella blowing kisses and waving goodbye.  This is so typical... and so cute!! 

Here's a quick pic from my office (my part-time green building job).  Nice view of the city - oh yeah - and a big black cat stuck to the window! 

Our neighborhood also had their annual art festival this past weekend.  We "helped" color the street with chalk the night before.  Last year, we went on a farm tour and missed most of the festival.  This year, we stayed most of the day.  

The most memorable thing that we did at the festival this weekend:  Mercer built a one-string cigar box guitar!  He got to pick out his box.  He got to pick out the dice that went on the front.  He chose the color pic that he wanted.  Here are some pics of that awesome experience.   

The guy reaffirmed each decision Mercer made with - "yeah - that's a cool box" or "that's my favorite color too."  The guy had so much positive energy and joy to share in the making of the guitar.... it was a special thing for ALL of us - not just Mercer. 

He's been playing with it non-stop since.  It was much better than buying a kids guitar (which he has mentioned in the past that he was interested in) or a pre-made cigar box guitar that the guy was selling.   

I refer to Isabella often as "Baby Girl."  She somewhat aggressively told me earlier this week:  "I not baby."  Oh... how crushing!!!!!!  She will be 2 soon~  There will be a post about her birthday coming up soon!